Prof. Ramón García-Martínez, PhD
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He was Founder Director of the Intelligent Systems Lab (1994-2010), School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Director (1992-1995) of the Research and Development Program on Artificial Intelligence, National University of Lujan, Deputy Director (1996-2002) and Director (2002-2008) of the Master Degree Program on Software Engineering within the agreement among Politechnic University of Madrid and Buenos Aires Institute of Technology. Visting researcher in the Complex Adaptative Systems Laboratory (1997-1998) of the University Carlos III (Spain) and the Intelligent Robots Laboratory (1994), University of Tsukuba (Japan).
He was Professor of Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Technologies Based Data Mining within the PhD Degree Program on Computer Science of the Computer Science School of National University of La Plata.
He is co-author of technical books, journal papers and communications in the area of Intelligent Systems Engineering.
He is responsible for research human resources training, leading doctoral ad master' degree thesis related to his research interest areas within the argentine scientific system.
He has a Computer Analyst Diploma (1988) from National University of La Plata, a degree in Information Systems (1991) from National University of Luján, a Master on Software Engineering (1992) and a PhD on Computer Science (1997) from Politechnic University of Madrid.